Getting in the Holiday Spirit

It's been a long, hot summer here in New York and I tried to make myself feel a little cooler by finishing my Woodsy Noel Cutie Quilt.  My friend Tara, from Orchard Hill Quilting, designed this quilt and I'm totally obsessed with the adorableness of it.

In December, I had a quilting event near my niece and nephew.  They are quite young and it was fun seeing them get excited about Christmas!  Right then, I knew that they needed this quilt while they were still young enough to love Santa.

Santa's hat needed some ribbon candy, naturally.  He needed a curly beard and rosy cheeks, too!
The trees were decorated with ribbon candy as well!  (Imagine that!)
For every other family member who has waited and Waited and WAITED for Aunt Debby to send her very late gifts, I need to make it known that I was early with a gift.  Once.  And it will never happen again.

I made this quilt from fabric in my stash.  What fabrics would you use?


  1. So, so cute! I think making this from stash was perfect and I would likely do the same. Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile.

  2. I may just need to add this to my list of Cutie quilts I want to make. It’s just adorable! Love all the ribbon candy!

  3. Thanks for being so beautifully inclusive and having each santa claus with a unique skin tone...that is awesome

    1. I give all credit to the designer, Tara Reilly of OrchardHillQuilting.Com. She made one of hers that way; I loved it and copied it.


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