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Bull's Eye with Tim Burton

Some folks love Halloween quilts.  Some folks love Christmas quilts.  This Bull's Eye Cutie Quiltcelebrates both holidays. The Nightmare Before Christmas border, wacky black and white prints, neon green background, and purple striped sashing makes this quilt kit perfect for Halloween, Christmas, and every other day of the year for some!
This quilt has worked as a sample for a year or so and is now living its best life in its forever home!

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

It's been a long, hot summer here in New York and I tried to make myself feel a little cooler by finishing my Woodsy Noel Cutie Quilt.  My friend Tara, from Orchard Hill Quilting, designed this quilt and I'm totally obsessed with the adorableness of it.In December, I had a quilting event near my niece and nephew.  They are quite young and it was fun seeing them get excited about Christmas!  Right then, I knew that they needed this quilt while they were still young enough to love Santa.
Santa's hat needed some ribbon candy, naturally.  He needed a curly beard and rosy cheeks, too! The trees were decorated with ribbon candy as well!  (Imagine that!) For every other family member who has waited and Waited and WAITED for Aunt Debby to send her very late gifts, I need to make it known that I was early with a gift.  Once.  And it will never happen again. I made this quilt from fabric in my stash.  What fabrics would you use?

A La Mode Cutie Quilt featuring Nautical Prints

 A La Mode Cutie Pattern is one of the quilt patterns I've made most often.*  It's as easy as pie... a la mode.  I love that it only requires Cutie Pack and 1 1/4 yards of background fabric.   There are no borders and the binding is cut from the Cutie Pack!  The frugal quilter in me LOVES THIS!I have put the kits for this quilt on sale so you can make one, too!These nautical prints from Riley Blake are completely adorable.  There are even WHALES in a few of the prints!!!  I also have Cutie Packs (16 fat eighths) of this line available in my shop.

I decided to quilt this with overall loops to mimic the fabric with a rope print.  I teach how to quilt Edge to Edge Loops in my First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting online class.  This free-motion pattern is what I suggest to my students as a first attempt at all-over or edge-to-edge quilting, and in class I show to nestle your patterns together, keep your loops (somewhat) even, and avoid stitching over the already stitched areas. All t…

Beginning Cutie Quilt Featuring Sevilla Fabrics

I'm so pleased that this quilt is quilted, bound, filmed, and ready to be shipped off to a family member.  She thinks it's "Cute" and "Need[s] it."  There are few perks to being related to a quilter, but first dibs on quilts is one of them.
This Beginning Cute Quilt features Sevilla fabrics from Benartex and Dublin backgrounds from Northcott.I found a new place to hang quilts to photograph because Hurricane Isaias destroyed my previous quilt space (aka "the back deck").  This is pretty, too, right?  And when we rebuild the deck, I will make sure it's photo worthy!
Kits for this quilt are in my shop as well as Sevilla Cutie Packs.I quilted the hour glass blocks with curves using rulers on my home sewing machine.Learn how to do this in my video:
In the video, I talked about:

Ruler FeetHandi Quilter Slice RulerHandi GripQuilter's 1/4" TapeGrip GlovesThis pumpkin seed design can be featured in un-pieced blocks, too!Have you ever used rulers o…

Bowl of Cherries Cutie Quilt featuring My Little Sunshine 2 Fabrics

This quilt is even sweeter than I thought it would be!

The light showed the machine quilting, so that was great.  The fabric, however, isn't shown to its full effect.  And there was a tree shadow (darn trees!).

Cherry Guidry designed My Little Sunshine 2 fabric line and it's absolutely ADORABLE!

I have kits for the Bowl of Cherries quilt, Cutie Packs (16 fat eighth), and fat quarters of this line in my shop.

Machine quilting this quilt was so much fun!  I quilted ribbon candy in the white strip used that as the spine for elongated free-motion feathers in the rest of the block:

My sweet Handi Quilter Stitch 710 handled this quilt like a champ.

The WonderFil Konfetti thread with a DecoBob bobbin also performed without a single frustration.  I am currently running a special on this thread combination (save $5 when you buy both spools together).

I simply meandered over the bicycle border because the print was the star of the show.

I'm currently teaching free-motion quilting on…